Online Services

All requests for referrals require an appointment. Please ensure you have an in date referral before attending a specialist appointment as Medicare strictly forbids the backdating of referrals.

All referrals to Allied Health Practitioners under Medicare require you to have a chronic disease recognised by Medicare and a Chronic Disease care plan and team care arrangement in place. We are happy to assist you in developing a plan if it is suitable for you. Further information about can be found at: 


As a general rule we prefer an appointment to review your medications with you.  Should you find yourself without a script for a regular medication and cannot attend urgently for an appointment, or have misplaced your script and require a new one, you can order a prescription from us online.  Please note that fees apply.


Online bookings:
We have online bookings for most of our appointment types. Please call us you cannot find an appointment time that suits, as not all appointment times are available online and we reserve appointments for urgent matters. 

Most of Dr Tracey's cosmetic appointments cannot be booked online as she has different days for general practice and cosmetic work. Please call to book or you can email us at and we will help find the right time for you.


Telephone appointments:
We offer appointments over the telephone for those living outside of Wagga and for those who are vulnerable from Covid 19 infection and need to isolate at home. These can also be booked online. Video functionality is also available. Please advice us of your preference when booking.