General Practice Fees

We are a private billing practice. 
Our up to date consultation fee list can be found here

Many people are unaware of the Medicare safety net. Once your family reaches the threshold for the year, you will receive your usual rebate, plus 80% of the gap back into your account on the day. For more information go to: 

If you have a chronic disease like diabetes, thyroid disease, arthritis or asthma, please enquire about having a chronic disease management plan. This will enable us to see you regularly for little or no out-of-pocket expense. 

Payment is made on the day of appointment; no accounts will be given. We take cash and EFTPOS payments.  In most instances we can claim your medicare rebate instantly for you through our Tyro terminal.  Your rebate will be transferred straight back into your savings or cheque account.  Please ask reception for more details.


Skin Clinic Prices

Anti-wrinkle Injections

$15 per unit

We provide a price range rather than a set price per treatment area as we tailor the treatment to the individual.
Anti Wrinkle injections are measured in units. The number of units depends of the area treated and the strength of each muscle. Please ask us and we can provide you with a rough guide.

Prices start from $150 per area

Dermal Filler

Our general philosophy is to use the minimal amount of dermal filler required to obtain the desired result. Our goal is to create natural-looking results.

  • For total face rejuvenation, 3-5 ml are needed: Price range $1750-$2550
  • Lips and peri oral   1-2 ml of filler: Price range $499-$1200
  • Cheeks 1-3 ml of filler: Price range $650-$1750
  • Temples 1ml of filler: Price range $650

Permanent Under Chin Fat reduction injections

2-3 treatment sessions are usually needed. 

from $1250 per session

PRP Treatment Guide

Full face, including acne scarring


x3 treatments
Full Face, including acne scarring


Scalp - hair regrowth


Orthopaedic (knee pain)




Skin Treatments

  Sinlge 3 Treatments
Microdermabrasion $160 $440
Dermaplaning $190 $515
Skin Needling (Skin Pen) $330 $890


Chemical Peels

  Single 3 Treatments
Milk Peel $160 $440
Blueberry Smoothie $105 $285
Mela Peel NA $900
Jessner's Peel $220 $595
Tetra Peel $160 $440







All About Eyes Package

Designed to tighten and brighten the fine skin under the eyes, a three treatment package that will reap rewards with each passing month.  3 treatments, 21 days apart. Each treatment includes: PRP injection, mesotherapy skin needling of a customised blend of active serums and a Heallite LED treatment. 

Also includes a full sized Improveyes Night cream



CWM Glow

The perfect start to your skin care and injectable treatment journey. This package is like a boot camp for your skin - even out pigmentation, reduce pore size, remove dead skin and glow like you have just returned from holiday. Perfection!

  • 3 x Medical grade peels
  • 6 x Heallite LED Treatments
  • 2 x Skin Needling micro needling treatments

Includes a full sized Vanish serum to keep up your glow at home


Acne Fresh Start package

Kick Acne to the kerb with our Acne skin treatment package.

  • x3 medical grade skin peels
  • x 8 Heallite LED Treatments
  • full sized D-Congest spot treatment serum



Laser Pricing

Laser Genesis Skin Rejuvenation

  Individual package of 6
Full Face $345 1705
Face + Neck $455 2105




Laser Pigmentation and Redness


Laser Coolview

(redness, pigmentation, dyschromia, rosacea, acne, lentigo)

Cost: Single

Cost: Package (4)










Spot treatments and backs of hands



Spider veins (Dr Purnell only)

$250 per 15 min

Average is $420