General practice

We are fortunate to be able to run a quality General Practice alongside a successful medical skin clinic. At the heart of it all, CWM and Skin is a general practice in the community. We exist to help you along your journey to wellness. We provide treatment from when are patients are a blip on an ultrasound machine up until... well, our oldest patient in 96 years and living well!


What kind of patients are welcome at CWM and Skin?
We welcome everyone! CWM and Skin values diversity and we enjoy treating patients regardless or age, gender or sexual orientation. Our best patients are those who proactively seek to care for themselves and their loved ones. Nothing makes our day more than seeing a patient who engages in our advice to pursue changes that will help them feel better and age well.

How do you care for patient with long term (chronic) medical conditions?

We know that failing to plan is planning to fail. At CWM and Skin we have a system for caring for our patients with long term health conditions but utilising the federal governments Chronic Disease planning Medicare items.

We know that patients often feel their care is fragmented between different specialist doctors and allied health providers. We see our role as integral in coordinating your care and making sure that nothing slips under the radar. 

If you have a long term disease, we recommend you discuss with your doctor how we can help you manage your condition and improve your wellbeing through our multidisciplinary team.

What is a procedural GP?
We offer many hands-on procedures at Central Wagga Medical. These include:

  • Steroid injections
  • Platelet rich plasma injections for osteoarthritis and tendonitis
  • Simple and complex skin cancer excision
  • Iron infusions
  • Cosmetic mole removal
  • Spider vein treatment