Muscle Relaxant Injections

Muscle relaxants (/Botulinum toxin) have many medical, as well as aesthetic uses. At Central Wagga Medical and Skin, we use this product to treat

Jaw Pain and Temporomandibular Joint Dysfucntion

Injections are placed into the Masseter muscles, which is one of the powerful muscles of the jaw. By relaxing this muscle, jaw tension and pain is reduced. This treatment can also be helped to treat teeth grinding.

Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)

We can treat any area that excess sweating is a problem. Most commonly the arm pits, palms of hands and around the hairline/scalp.

The muscle relaxant causes weakening of the tiny muscles associated with the sweat glands, causing reduction in activity and less sweat is produced. This treatment is life changing for many and can last for a year or longer.

You can read more about this here

Migraine and tension headaches

The muscles around the temples and frown are treated to reduce their activity which provides considerable relief for headache and migraine suffers

Cervical Dystonia (neck pain)

Muscle relaxants are injected into the muscles in the neck that are in spasm, reducing the spasm which then provides pain relief.

Please book an appointment with one of our dotors for these treatments. A medicare rebate may apply