"And the beauty of a woman, with passing years only grows!" - Audrey Hepburn

Fear of ageing, or looking old or undesirable drives a multi million dollar cosmetic industry. So what is our take on ageing at Central Wagga Medical and Skin?

We think beauty is desirable at all ages and that true beauty comes from confidence, grace and a little bit of humour. We want to help you look the way you feel, to add to your confidence and help you put your best foot forward everyday. Our icons are Helen Mirren, Meredith Streap and Dianne Keaton. Beautiful women who undoubtedly have cosmetic treatments, but look fresh and not fake!

As we age, it is important to adjust our cosmetic injecting techniques. What might look fabulous on a 20 something woman will look fake and unnatural on a woman in her 50s. 

What are your best anti ageing treatments?

Not unsurprisingly we are going to say lots of them! There are multiple contributors to changes in our face, neck and hands as we age. The best approach will target as many of issues as possible.

1. Wrinkling of the skin from the action of the muscles of facial expression

2. Reduction in skin elasticity

3. Resorption of bone

4. Loss of fat pads

5. Pigmentation and redness of the skin from sun damage (also called photoageing)