Medical grade peels

Jessner Power Peel

Synergie Jessner peel contains added Kojic Acid, a powerful tyrosinase inhibitor to address hyperpigmentation and sun damage. This peel is an excellent choice for persons with: Sun damaged and ageing skin Cystic acne Oily acneic skin types Combination skin types prone to breakouts Synergie jessner peels are typically layered until frosting appears. The peel may sting significantly while it is on the skin. This is a normal response. Once self neutralized, the client may experience redness or a tan discolouration to the skin for several days during the shedding phase. Flaking/peeling may occur for 3-4 days and is typically finished within 5-7 days. This peel can be applied at 4-6 week intervals. Six peels are recommended in a series

Milk Peel and Synergie Tetra Acid 50 Peel

These peels have been specially forumlated to combine AHA and BHA to deliver results. 

  • Decongests the epidermis by dissolving keratin cementing dead skin cells together.
  • Stimulates production of new skin cells at the basal layer (thereby increasing the rate of the cell turnover).
  • Increases the natural moisture factor of the skin resulting in increased hydration and firmer texture.
  • Reduces inflammation associated with irritated or congested

Mela Peel Forte

Our powerful anti pigmentation peel that treats melasma and other forms of pigmentation.