Lip enhancement

Lips are big business, and there is a reason why. Your lips, along with your eyes, are focal points on your face. You use them to speak, to express yourself, to show love, to eat. 

The way you enhance your lips will vary depending on your age and what you would like to achieve.

A younger patient might like fuller, pouty lips. A patient with a thin lip that disappears when she smiles, would like a lip that flips out when she grins. A more mature patient would like to apply lipstick without it bleeding into the fine lines around her mouth. As we age the area around the lips requires attention to. Your wonderful smile and enhanced lips need some supporting structure, so a good injector will look beyond just treating the lips alone.

Regardless of the reason, our skill and ability to help you choose the right treatment, ensures that when it comes it a natural lip enhancement, we have you covered.



Lip enhancement can help balance your face, make sure the top lip does not disappear when you smile, and can prevent lipstick bleeding into fine lines. It can give you an enhanced pout, hydrate and plump dry lips and define your smile.

If your face has started to look unhappy at rest, a lip enhancement will bring the corners of the mouth back up again, creating a happier expression.

Some of our most requested results:

  • An enhanced 'Cupid's Bow'

  • A stronger border around the edge of the lips

  • Fuller lips

  • Softened vertical upper lip lines

We only use high quality, TGA approved non permanent fillers and anti wrinkle treatments in our lip enhancements. They have an excellent safety record, are long lasting, but can also be dissolved in the unlikely instance that you are unhappy with the result.

All cosmetic injections can produce bruising and swelling. If you suffer from cold sores, you will need to take some antiviral medication (which we can provide) at the time of your injection. This swelling reduces over 2-3 days. This is why we provide treatments at times that suit you and your work week.

Very rarely, dermal filler can be inadvertently injected into an artery in the treatment area, causing the artery to become blocked. With expert techniques and understanding of arterial anatomy, this risk is further minimised. As a medical clinic, we have all the resources required on hand to manage this should it occur (fortunately this has never occured during our treatments, but we like to be prepared as we put safety first!)

Anyone wanting to safely and naturally enhance their lips and surrounding lip area

Patients who have any of the following, are unsuitable for treatment with dermal fillers and should talk with us about other options

  • Pregnant

  • Breastfeeding

  • On blood thinners

  • Have open sores or dermatitis on or around the lips

  • Are on medication that suppresses immune function

One treatment lasts on average 12 months, though many patients enjoy years from one filler treatment. Softer fillers need for frequent treatments (usually every 9 months)

You will first have a consultation to clearly identify your goals for treatment. We will take a medical history and make sure there are no contraindications for treatment. Finally we will come up with a plan to best enhance your lips and give you the results you are looking for.

We will take some photos that will be stored securely and only used to help document your treatment journey.

We will either apply a numbing cream to your lips or use local anesthetic injections (similar to those you have at the dentist) to ensure your comfort during the procedure. We will also supply ice during and after the treatment.

Once your treatment has been completed, you will have the option of a complementary healite treatment to help promote healing, reduced bruising and swelling. 

We will then pop some lush Synergie Occuladerm balm on your new lips and away your go!

We utilise a number of techniques (numbing cream, local anesthetic injections and ice) to ensure that your treatment is as comfortable as possible. Even the most nervous of patients are surprised how little pain was associated with their treatment.

We advise that you look after your new lips by applying a nourishing ointment like our Synergie Lip balm. This will also help reduce the risk of infection. 

We also advise that , for 24 hours, you avoid strenuous exercise and the consumption of alcohol.

As your safety and peace of mind are of the utmost importance to us, we will provide you with a phone number to contact us, day or night, should you be concerned about your lips post treatment.

The average cost of a lip enhancement treatment is $650