Cosmetic mole removal

no cutting + no stitches

As part of our holistic skin care practice, we are able to offer removal of benign skin lesions (such as moles and skin tags). After first making sure the lesion is not a skin cancer, Dr Tracey can offer removal by one of three methods:

Radiofrequncy ablation
After the skin is numbed with an anaesthetic, the mole or skin tag is removed using radiofrequency.  There is no cutting or stitches reequired. There is no bleeding and the skin underneath the lesion heals quickly with minimal or no scarring.

 It is simple, safe and effective. If you have a pacemaker or other electrical implant, please let us know as this procedure might not be suitable for you.


Often the easiest way to remove a skin tag. Liquid nitrogen (dry ice) is used to freeze the tag so it then falls off. 

Surgical excision
For lesions that are unsuitable for electrocautery, surgical excision is also a possibility. Dr Tracey will carefully assess the naturally occurring skin lines and plan your procedure carefully to minimize scarring.

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No. Anaesthetic is used to first numb the skin.

Costs for these procedures start $150. There is no Medicare rebate for cosmetic procedures.